Preparatory Course in Social Sciences


IGNOU offers BPP Bachelors Preparatory Program in social Sciences to those students who wish to do Bachelors Degree but do not have the essential qualification of having passed 10+2. In absence of such a qualifying certificate these student are deprived of higher education. To enable such students to enter higher education stream, IGNOU has designed this preparatory program.

Our students are similarly placed in terms of lack of formal education opportunities and desired goal thus they can be equally benefitted from this foundation course which is most professionally designed and practically tested in terms of delivery and output.

Course Content:

The Preparatory Course in Social Sciences is designed to familiarize the students with an overview of critical historical, social, political and economic affairs with focus on India. It incorporates the disciplines of Economics, History, Political Science, Public administration, and Sociology in an interdisciplinary framework.

We begin with the distinction between Sciences and Social Sciences, the nature and scope of Social Sciences, and relevance of Social Sciences in everyday life on the one hand and in developmental planning on the other. We explain the major sources of data, and inter-relationship between and among different disciplines that constitute the Social Sciences.

Thereafter, we draw attention to state and society both in India and across the globe in a historical perspective. The emphasis shifts on the nature of society in India, Indian Constitution, governance for development in India, nature of natural and human resource, regional imbalances and planning in India, and major challenges to democracy in India.

We discuss the global concerns regarding pollution and degradation of natural resources, rate of population growth, sex-ratio, and illiteracy. We conclude with discussion on the state of contemporary world including issues of collapse of Soviet Union and formation of uni-polar world, and emerging regional cooperations.

The break-up of the Preparatory course in Social Sciences is as follows:

  1. Unit 1 Social Sciences: Perspectives and Inter-relationships
  2. Unit 2 Role and Relevance of Social Sciences
  3. Unit 3 Society through the Ages: Global Perspective
  4. Unit 4 The Making of Modern World
  5. Unit 5 State and Society in India
  6. Unit 6 Struggle for Independence in India
  7. Unit 7 Indian Constitution: Basic Characteristics 11
  8. Unit 8 Contemporary Society in India: Change and Continuity
  9. Unit 9 Governance in India: Issues and Challenges
  10. Unit 10 Basic Features of Indian Economy
  11. Unit 11 Indian Development Experience
  12. Unit 12 Ecology and Environment: Issues and Challenges
  13. Unit 13 Socio-economic and Gender Discrimination
  14. Unit 14 Demographic Challenges
  15. Unit 15 Democratic Processes in India: Challenges
  16. Unit 16 Contemporary World

Audio/Video Component

The print material of the course is supplemented by video and audio programmes.